These rare photos are from Christmas 1989 when a Swedish group was granted an interview
by Sathya Sai Baba.
During the interview Baba materialised lado (an Indian sweet made of rice). He asked
a Swede to hold out his hand and believing that he would get a ring he did so, but Baba
said "Both hands". Baba waved His hand and the Swedes hands were filled with lado.
For those believing in tricks and magic, and that Baba should be hiding what He then
materialises, this was a good example. Where could He possibly have hidden about
half a liter of sweet sticky rice.
Sai Baba walked around the room distributing the lado to everyone. The amount of lado
did not diminish though Baba gave to everyone, but when all had got their share
there was no lado left.
Pictures showing Sathya Sai Baba distributing vibuthi at the end of the interview.
In one of the photos Baba is much like a woman, almost dancing. In the other He is a
powerful man. Through the window people waiting for Bhajans can be seen.

Press on the small pictures to get 60K pictures.