July 14, 2024

Penukonda (Sathya Sai): TDP supremo and former prime minister N Chandrababu Naidu called on the TDP-JSP workers and leaders to work hard for 40 days by visiting every door and conveying the joint message of both parties to the people. He said he would look after the future of his party members once the party returns to power, he made the assertion while addressing a large rally opposite Kia Motors Corporation here on Monday night.

Chandrababu Naidu, addressing the last ‘Ra Kadali Ra’ conference in the state, recalled the special treatment accorded to the most backward district in the country, which receives only 552 mm of rainfall. did. The company he founded, Kia Motors, was the catalyst for the region’s industrial, socio-economic development. He said farmers who provided land to Kia Motors received Rs 1 billion per acre compared to the local price of Rs 100,000 to Rs 200,000 per acre.

Of the district’s 4.7 million acres of farmland, only 200,000 acres of the 1.1 million acres under cultivation have reliable irrigation, he noted, leaving the remaining 3 million acres of vacant land under solar protection. Farmers were advised to use the information to set up photovoltaic power plants. It can generate the electricity needed for the entire country.

Accusing the YSRCP government of “zero development”, Mr. Naidu called out projects initiated by him from 2015 to 2019 when he was chief minister, including the Jeedipalle project, Perur, Bhairavanithippa, Gollapalle reservoir, Cherlapalle and Malala irrigation projects. I remembered.

He claimed that all his initiatives were nullified by the current government. Even the 90 percent subsidy given to drip irrigation was withdrawn, which seriously affected the horticulture hub he had established in the district. “If the people had given us 10 years to govern, we would have completed the Amaravati capital and irrigation projects and brought more industries to the state,” he said.

The former Chief Minister drew similarities between himself and the late YS Rajasekara Reddy who promised Science City and Lepakshi Knowledge Hub, which ended up becoming a massive land scam. This scam turned out to be a 10,000 billion yen scam. Farmers’ land was converted into cash by Rajasekhara Reddy’s supporters, he alleged.

He slammed the Chief Minister’s ‘Siddham’ meeting which did not mention even a single development project achieved in Rayalaseema region. “Apart from some welfare schemes, he did nothing concrete for the nation. He failed to keep his promise of mega DSC and filling 200,000 government vacancies,” Naidu said. It pointed out.

The TDP leader reiterated his promise to provide Rs 3,000 per month to every unemployed youth if the TDP-JSP is voted to power.

He assured the village volunteers that they would retain all their jobs while they were trained to upskill.

He accused Jagan Mohan Reddy of committing gross injustice towards his sister Sharmila and throwing her mother out of the house. He also claimed that he was involved in the murder of his paternal uncle Vivekananda Reddy. He asked the people in English, “Who killed Babai?” and the answer was “Jagan.”

In his speech, Naidu attacked the corruption of YSRCP, the sitting MLAs Kethireddy Venkatarami Reddy of Dharmavaram, Sankara Narayana of Penukonda, Usha Sricharan of Kalyandurg, Duddukunta Sridhar of Puttaparthi and Tippe Swamy of Madakasira.

Mr. Naidu promised to attract more industries and develop industrial corridors between Chennai and Bangalore and between Bengaluru and Kurnool if voted to power. He promised to establish another airport at Anantapur.

He appealed to the people to give 14 Assembly seats and two Lok Sabha seats in undivided constituencies to the TDP alliance. He introduced Sabitha as Penukonda TDP candidate.

Earlier, Hindupur MLA N Balakrishna had mocked the YSRCP rules.

He said Mr. Jagan had borrowed Rs 13,000 crore and left the state in debt. “He takes loans even to pay his monthly salary. He has turned a sleepy AP area into a gangster, sandy and drug hub,” he said.

TDP district president BK Parthasarathy welcomed the gathering. JSP state general secretary Chilakam Madhusudan Reddy in his address called on TDP and JSP workers to work as one army.

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